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Weight Loss and Rythm

Today’s daily prompt fits in perfectly with my personal weight loss journey. I’ll admit, this weekend threw me for a complete loop and I gained back almost everything I had lost since the beginning of the year. I’m getting back into my routine which is soothing and rhythmic to me. Shake for Breakfast, Shake for Lunch and a ton of snacks through out the day and a normal supper (Slim Fast says 500 calorie supper but I’m not cooking a special meal just for me when there are 4 other people to feed). I have managed to lose 3 lbs since the Monday morning and while its possible that its part of my weekly wobbling or whatever you want to call the weight fluctuations during a week, I am taking it as confirmation that I’m on the right path and have the right rhythm for me. Today one of my coworkers brought some food in and of course I had to have at least 1 piece and it was so good. It was a breakfast burrito with eggs, hash-browns, sausage and bacon. It was a good portion and filled me up just right. I do not feel the urge to go have more and more like I usually do with food bad for me. All in all I’m getting my rhythm down and I’m loving it! If you’d like to keep up to date on my weight loss journey please follow me.


Daily Prompt: Rythmic


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