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Tire Blow Out and more…

Today has been one long day. Since I try to be spontaneous I decided today that we would do our grocery shopping in Watertown. Half way there the front drivers side tire blew out. We got really lucky as it was hardly anything as far as pull and drag. This is very similar to what our tire looked like. Erik dug out all the tools we’d need. I made sure the cars moved over by walking in front of them (that was scary but God was looking out for me) finally after about 3 hours we gave up on doing it ourselves and admitted defeat. The jack was too short to change a tire in the front and we had nothing to make it taller. We called Gary and Tammy for help. They were able to bring a different jack and we got the spare on. Went to drive away and the Trailblazer wouldn’t start. Thank the good lord that Gary and Tammy hadn’t driven away yet and they were able to give us a jump after going and getting a set of jumper cables. I was going to treat myself to new socks today since I lost 5 lbs but I spent that money on food since we spent way too much time on the side of the interstate. My motivation for today is that even though we had a lot happen to us today. I still lost 5 lbs and we are all just fine and only a bit shaken up. 


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